Welcome to My Therapist Life!

Hi! Welcome to My Therapist life.  A blog dedicated to helping you live in the now and grow for the future!

I’m a therapist by trade but I’m also a mom, a wife,  a friend, an individual and sometimes a “hot mess!” A major advantage of doing what I do is that I’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way on how to suffer less and live more!

We are all on the same journey.  Getting from birth to death as painlessly as possible. I’m wanting to share that journey with you!  This blog is  about me but its also about sharing some of the tools I’ve learned along the way.  I plan on having fun as well because hey, self-improvement can be exhausting.  If we are constantly focused on who we want to become, its easy to forget that our life is now and we gotta live it.  Just as we are. So I hope to share things that are relaxing and fun.  Life can be a lot of work, but it should be about finding joy whenever we can.

So read on!  Become a part of my journey and I hope to become a part of yours!