The Battle of the “Somethings” and the Need to Simplify.

organize, simplifyEver looked around your house and said, “I have too much crap?” This is my story of the Battle of the “Somethings.”   The march of “somethings” into this house is relentless.  Every corner is filled with something. We have an attic full of things, we have sheds full of things, we have closets FULL OF THINGS! I am entering into a battle of epic proportions. I want to simplify.


 My family has multiple “somethings.”  We have identical “somethings.”  We don’t know what some of our “somethings” are. There are “somethings” that are sentimental and mean a lot.  Some of our “somethings” need to be fixed and then would be perfect.  Other “somethings” are going to be great as soon as we build our addition that’s 10 years out.  We have “somethings” that hold our “somethings.”  We have “somethings” that need to be sold but just haven’t found the time to list. I have “somethings” that are supposed to be pretty, that someone spent a lot of money on, or that will be used once per year.  The point is that our family has “somethings” coming out of our wazoo.

As a result of all of these “somethings,” I am bursting at the seams.  I’m tired of moving “somethings” to somewhere else.   I’m tired of having things in my life that I like but don’t necessarily love consume my time and energy moving it, cleaning it, arranging it, and occasionally using it. 

The Struggle

Here’s the hard part though. I start going through my closet and I pull out an adorable polka dotted “something” that I haven’t worn in a year.  It will go great with those red “somethings” I wear three times per year.  So I keep it.  Then I pull out my 6th black “something.”  However, this has a waist band and looks great with certain “somethings” but not others. So I put it back.  Then I pull out the gold “something” that I ADORE.  I have never seen one like it.  It is stunning. It doesn’t fit at all but when I lose ten pounds…I put it back.

I think you are getting the point.  I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to simplifying.  It’s the “what ifs…,” the “one days…,” and the “when I…” that keeps me full to the brim.  (Please tell me I’m not the only one.) Worse yet.  Ever been brutal with getting rid of things and then a few months later, desperately wish you had it for some very specific and super important reason?  Yeah, me too.  Those kind of memories can be paralyzing in the “Battle of the ‘Somethings’.” I don’t want to regret getting rid of it.   

The Solution?

So what is the solution?  I don’t rightly know. I watched a great documentary called “Minimalism” on Netflix the other day.  It’s a simple story about two guys that decided to live life their own way.  Men who decided not to follow the prescribed American way of a huge house, 3 cars, and a storage unit.  They live with what they need.  And what do they get for their “sacrifice?”  Freedom. 

Doesn’t that sound nice?   I want freedom to do what I choose and not have to take care of my “somethings.”  Freedom to enjoy my home without getting stressed out about dusting and moving my “somethings.”  I want to help my kids with their future, secure our own future, and spend money on experiences rather than buying and maintaining my “somethings.”  That is freedom!

Freedom has a cost, however.  I have to get rid of my beautiful gold “something”, my polka dotted “something” and having one black “something.” (Only one?????) I risk possible regret of letting some things go. simplify, organize, stuff And it is going to cost me a crap load of time to get my home to be what I want it to be.  However, as I write this, freedom seems worth it.

Let’s get one thing straight, I will never be a minimalist.  Like all things, I live my best life when I am balanced.  I love having a wardrobe of options, adorable throw pillows, and a decorated home.  However, I can still have all of those things without the excess.  It’s the excess that makes me crazy. Why am I hanging onto all of these crazy making “somethings?” 

So 2017 is the year I find freedom. I am going to simplify. And now that it is out there for the world to see, I better stick with it.  The “Battle of the “Somethings” has begun!  One polka dotted “something” at a time.  Anyone need one?


    1. Ha Ha! Love that! I think I could stock an entire Goodwill store on my own. As long as I get ruthless enough! 😉

  1. Love this! My anxiety won’t allow the somethings lol I have to go through the house from time to time and collect things and put in the yard sale pile lol it makes me feel better!

    1. This might be a case where anxiety is actually a good thing! LOL. Yes, the garage sale pile is a life saver! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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